50+ Vegetables Name in English

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In everyday life we use different vegetables to make dishes. All of them are different in color and have different nutrients at the same time. We can say for sure that vegetables are our life’s necessities. So let’s get information about their name.

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All Vegetables Name in English With Image

You must know that vegetables are the parts of plants that humans or animals eat as food. These include flowers, fruits, stems, leaves, roots and seeds. All of these items are used as foods.

vegetables name in english with photos
vegetables name in english with photos

Currently all vegetables are mainly cultivated and distributed to others. Some species are found in different parts of the world, while many species are now available all over the world. So let’s get information about their name.

25+ Popular Vegetables Name in English With Image

The vegetables listed below can be called the main species, as they are easily found everywhere and most people use them in daily life.

NoImageVegetables Name in English
11bottle-gourd-vegetableBottle Gourd
12cluster-beans-vegetableCluster Beans
13lady-finger-vegetableLady Finger
15bitter-gourd-vegetableBitter Gourd
16ridged-gourd-vegetableRidge Gourd
26ivy-gourd-vegetableIvy Gourd

Other Useful Vegetables Name in English With Image

The list of vegetables shown below is made separately, as many people may not know much about it and might do not use them on a daily basis.

NoImageVegetables Name in English
1sweet-potato-vegetableSweet potato
2green-bean-vegetableGreen bean
5spring-onion-vegetableSpring Onion
6coriander-leaf-vegetableCoriander Leaf
8green-chili-vegetableGreen Chili
9chili-vegetableRed Chili
10kidney-burns-vegetableKidney bean
12curry-leaf-vegetableCurry Leaf
15fenugreek-leaf-vegetableFenugreek Leaf
19green-chili-vegetableGreen pepper
20chili-vegetableRed pepper
21raw-banana-vegetableRaw Banana

You may find that there are many vegetables left in this list, but here is a list of popular and everyday names. Many species are not available everywhere, and it is a little difficult for us to include the names of all the species in the world.

Worlds Top 5 Most Popular vegetables

Everyone likes different vegetables. But here we are going to talk about the 5 most popular vegetables in the world, so it may be that your favorite vegetables are not in this list. So let’s get further information.


This year tomato is the most liked vegetable in the world. More than 170 metric tons of tomatoes are produced in the world every year. China, India and the US are the three largest producers of tomatoes in the world.

We definitely try use tomato in any dish and it is very good for our health. It contains calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and many other vitamins, which help us to fight against many diseases.


Onions are the second most popular vegetable of the year after tomatoes. More than 90 metric tons of tomatoes are produced in the world every year. China, India and the US are the three largest producers of onions in the world. Onions have excellent quality nutrients and are very cheap in price, so this is very popular.

Different species of onions also taste different and these are used in both green and dry. Apart from being used in many dishes, onions are also widely used in salads.


This is a green vegetable and cucumber is the most widely grown vine in the world which usually gives cylindrical fruits. Cucumbers are easily available all over the world and the nutrients in them are also very useful for us. While the name of cucumber is also different in other languages.

Eating cucumber every day as a salad gives you calories, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium and many other essential nutrients.


These vegetables are mainly found around us in green, but can also be purple and light green. This is the fruit of a plant, which we use extensively in different dishes and salads.

Cauliflower is large in appearance, weighing from 500 g to 1 kg. From cauliflower you can easily get calories, fats, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins and many other daily necessities. People prefer to eat these vegetables in the form of salads.


Carrots are usually orange in color, but other species are also found in purple, black, red, white and yellow. Carrots are also the fruit of a plant, which takes about three months to mature. Carrots will be easily found in all cities of the world.

Carrots are mainly rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Vitamin B6. While it also contains many nutrients, it also protects against many diseases.


What nutrients are contained in vegetables?

Vegetables contain potassium, fiber, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C and many other useful nutrients. You probably know that different fruits and vegetables have different nutrients, that’s why we eat different fruits and vegetables every day.

Which are the healthiest vegetables?

According to the research of scientists, “Spinach” is considered to be the healthiest. Spinach contains daily essential calcium, vitamins, iron, antioxidants and many other nutrients.

Which color vegetables have the most nutrients?

You may be surprised to know that darker fruits and vegetables have more vitamins and nutrients.


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