40+ Spices Name in English

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Generally speaking, spices is the seed, fruit, root, bark or other vegetable substance of any tree or plant. Which we use to add special flavor to any dish, while it is very different from herbs. Apart from dishes, spices are also used in cosmetics, rituals, perfume making and medicine.

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Indian Spices Name in English With Photos

The main use of any spice is to give taste or color to food. The spices are mostly dry and very spicy in taste, while they are also available in the market as ready-made powders. Apart from this fresh spices are also very popular, such as ginger.

spices name in english
spices name in english

The spice also has many physical health benefits, and is featured in Ayurveda. India’s contribution to spice production in the world is considered to be major, which is about 75%. While any Indian dish is considered incomplete without spices and the people of India use different spices every day.

All popular Spices Name in English and Image

The following list includes spices that are very popular and majority of people use them on daily basis.

NoImageSpices Name in English
3Cumin seedsCumin seeds
4Cumin powderCumin powder
5Black pepperBlack pepper
7Mustard seedsMustard seeds
10ginger-vegetableFresh ginger
13Carom seedsCarom seeds
14Carom seedsCaraway seeds
15Fennel seedsFennel seeds
16Chili powderChili powder
19Bay LeafBay Leaf
21Sesame seedsSesame seeds
23Black SaltBlack Salt
24Star AniseStar Anise

20+ Other Useful Spices Name in English and Image

The following list includes such spices that are not used daily, the names of all these are not known to most people. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful.

NoImageSpices Name in English
3dry-coconutsDry Coconut
5Coriander powderCoriander powder
6curry-leaf-vegetableCurry leaves
7Dry fenugreek leavesDry fenugreek leaves
8Basil seedsBasil seeds
9Dry ginger powderDry ginger powder
10nigella seedsNigella Seeds
11FenugreekFenugreek seeds
14basil-vegetableBasil leaves
15flax-seedsFlax Seeds
18Rock saltRock salt


Which is the most popular spice in the world?

Although all the spices are popular and in every kitchen you get to see more than one useful spice, but black pepper is considered to be the most popular.

Which is the largest producer of spices in the world?

India is considered to be the largest producer in the world, while it is also the most used. India’s market share here is around 75%.

What is Rock salt?

Another name for rock salt is halite, it is not a mineral but a rock. For this reason, its taste is different from normal salt.


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