Seasons Name in English

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The year is divided into three sections according to the season, the constant annual changes in the weather. During all these seasons you will see a lot of change in the environment around you. As winter begins you feel cold and summer feels hot.

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5 Seasons Name in English and Duration

Mainly in most countries of the world you can experience the seasons, while in many countries you see a lot of change in the atmosphere in a single day. Such as cold in the morning, heat in the afternoon and rain in the evening, while the countries of the Northern Hemisphere are mostly cold during the year.

seasons name in english
seasons name in english

You probably know that in winter the days are shorter and the nights are longer, whereas in summer the days are longer and the nights are shorter. Seasons and climates vary greatly from country to country.

Seasons Name in English

You must know about the main 3 seasons, such as winter, summer and monsoon. While there are other seasons besides this and you can feel the change of atmosphere in it too. Below is the name of the season as well as its duration.

NoImageSeasons Name in EnglishDuration
1WinterWinterDecember to February
2springSpringMarch to Jun
3SummerSummerMarch to May
4AutumnAutumnSeptember to November
5MonsoonMonsoonJune to September



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