8 Planets Name in English

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The solar system is a system made up of the sun, planets and other orbiting objects. The planets in this system are composed primarily of rock, gas, and metal, all of which are spherical in shape. All planets have a different composition, in which life only exists on Earth.

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All Planets Name in English With Photos

There are a total of 8 planets in our solar system and one star named Sun. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are the inner planets, while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are the outer planets. Jupiter and Saturn are made of gas, which is mainly made of hydrogen and helium. While Uranus and Neptune are made of ice.

planets name in english
planets name in english

Planets Name in English With Image

You may have heard that there are 9 planets in our solar system. But since 2006, Pluto has been removed from the list of planets because it is smaller than many satellites. It is not as big as the others. This decision has been taken by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and now Pluto has been placed on the list of dwarf planets.

NoImageStar Name in English
NoImagePlanets Name in EnglishMoon

Dwarf Planets Names in English

If we look at the definition of dwarf planets, according to this research, this is a celestial object that looks like a small planet. But we still lack many technical criteria, so it is not included in the list of planets. Perhaps more information can be found from future research.

NoImageDwarf Planets Name in EnglishMoon


Which is the biggest planet in the solar system?

“Jupiter” is the largest planet in the Solar System, with a surface area of ​​about 61.42 billion km and an average orbital speed of 13.07 km/s.

Which is the smallest planet in the solar system?

“Mercury” is the smallest planet in the Solar System, with a surface area of ​​about 74.8 million km and an average orbital speed of 47.36 km/s.

Which planet has the most moons?

“Saturn” has 82 moons, the most in the Solar System. Apart from this there are 7 beautiful rings around it.


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