12 Months Name in English

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A month is also considered a unit of time, used in conjunction with a calendar. The month is based on the period of lunar rotation with respect to the Earth-Sun line. You probably know that a year consists of 12 months.

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12 Months Name in English and it’s Seasons Duration

Here you have been given a list of two different months, because it is important to have knowledge of both Hindu and English calendar in India. Most of the work in the world is done according to the English calendar, while many Indian festivals are celebrated according to the Hindu calendar.

months name in english
months name in english

You might not be aware that there are other calendars besides the English calendar, such as the Hebrew calendar, the Islamic calendar, the Arabic calendar, the Persian calendar, and the Thai calendar. It is used in all different countries.

English Calendar Months Name

NoImageMonths Name in English

Days of the Months

  • January- 31 Day
  • February- 28 Day
  • March- 31 Day
  • April- 30 Day
  • May- 31 Day
  • June- 30 Day
  • July- 31 Day
  • August- 31 Day
  • September- 30 Day
  • October- 31 Day
  • November- 30 Day
  • December- 31 Day

Hindu Calendar Months Name

NoHindu Calendar Months NameEnglish Month Duration
1Kartakmid November to mid December
2Agrahayanamid December to mid January
3Poshmid January to mid February
4Maghamid February to mid March
5Falgunmid March to mid April
6Chitramid April to mid May
7Vaishakhmid May to mid June
8Jeyeshtmid June to mid July
9Ashadhmid July to mid August
10Shravanmid august to mid September
11Bhadarapadmid September to mid October
12Ashvinmid October to mid November

Seasons Name in English and it’s Duration

NoSeasons Name in EnglishDuration
1SpringMarch to Jun
2SummerMarch to May
3AutumnSeptember to November
4WinterDecember to February
5MonsoonJune to September


Is Hindu and English calendar the same?

No, both are not the same. Because the Hindu calendar starts with Kartik, while the November month of English calendar is going on. These two calendars do not start or end together.

How many months are there in a year?

There are 12 months in a year, whereas in the calendar of different countries, in some years, 1 month comes more.

How many seasons are there in the year?

There are 3 main seasons in a year. Whereas a total of 5 seasons are included, namely, spring, summer, autumn, winter and monsoon.


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