50+ Birds Name in English

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According to research, it is believed that there are more than 10,000 living species of birds in the world. Birds are very light in weight and are able to fly because of special design of wings. You may have seen many birds around you, so you must have some basic information about it.

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All Birds Name in English With Photos

The structure of the wings distinguishes them from other animals. That is why we recognize them as soon as we see them. It has two legs that are not stronger, so the birds do not walk much.

birds name in english with image
birds name in english with image

In another specialty he lays eggs and his vision is accurate. It mainly eats small insects and leaves, it builds nests on trees. Apart from this there are many specialties found in birds, more information you can find through Wikipedia.

25+ Birds Name in English with Images

In the list below, we have included the popular birds, which are easily seen everywhere. You may have seen all this. So let’s get information about those names.

NoImageBirds Name in English
24Crane birdsCrane birds
26sea gullSea Gull

Other Useful Birds Name in English

There are such birds in this list, which are not common. Apart from the popular bird, there are also some birds, which sometimes appear around us. You have hardly seen these birds, so let’s get information about their names.

NoImageBirds Name in English
4Magpie BirdMagpie
10Weaver BirdWeaver Bird
11indian robinIndian Robin
14Humming BirdHumming Bird

Now you know that there are more than 10 thousand species of birds in the world, so we could not add them all to this list. Maybe the name you are looking for may not be in this list. We are sorry for this.

World’s Top 5 Most Beautiful Birds

Golden Pheasant

This bird is also known as the Chinese pheasant, which is a very beautiful bird in appearance. Originally found in the forests of mountainous areas of western China, it is now found in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Germany, and Belgium.

The length of this bird is 90-105 cm and it has half the length of its tail. The bird appears to be glossy golden in color, with black stripes around the period.

Scarlet Macaw

This is a species of parrot, but also colorful. You may have seen this bird in many movies. It is found mostly in red, yellow, and blue, and is a Central and South American parrot. The bird is native to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Brazil. Which you can easily find in all the zoos. This is the national bird of Honduras.


The flamingo is a large bird, which has become very popular for its long neck and color. It is pink or red in color and currently has 6 species. Flamingos can range in height from 1.2 to 1.4 meters and weigh up to 3 kg.


This is the national bird of India and is very beautiful in appearance. In this species, the name of the male is peacock, while the name of the female bird is peahen. The color of this bird is bright blue and its feathers are very long. Peacock is not able to fly due to being overweight. Their feathers are colorful and look very charming in appearance.

Blue Jay

The bird is a native of eastern North America, found in most of the eastern and central United States and is common in residential areas. The main color of this bird is blue, with a white chest. Blue jay eats fruits and small insects.


Which is the biggest bird in the world?

The ostrich is the biggest bird in the world, more common in Africa. The ostrich can grow up to 2.7 meters in length and weigh up to 150 kg.

Which is the smallest bird in the world?

The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world, found in areas around the Americas. Hummingbirds are 5-12 cm long and weigh about 2 grams.


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